Caio Gandolfi || creative & art director



There is one moment in the year when giving makes more sense than receiving.

Client: Coca-Cola Company | Agency: J.Walter Thompson | Year: 2016 | Role: Art Direction

As part of a Coca-Cola's 2016 Christmas campaign,  we created the THX BOX, a reverse vending machine that allows customers to buy and send a commemorative Coke bottle for a person that deserves a special thank you this year.
Customers can choose one of three versions of the special aluminium bottles and simply place into the THX BOX machine.

After that the machine invites the users to record a 'thank you' video for the person who will receive the gift and share it on social media. 
During the activation, a delightful surprise: the THX BOX  was used to send a wedding proposal.


Client: Coca-Cola Company

Advertising Agency: J.Walter Thompson

CCO: Ricardo John, Rodrigo Grau

ECD: Humberto Fernandez

Creative Director: Nacho Mendiola, Gustavo Lacerda

Art Director: Caio Gandolfi, Pedro Ricci, Pablo Lobo

Copywriter: Diego Ferrite, Marcel Ares

Design Consultant: Rodrigo Maia