Caio Gandolfi || creative & art director



When it comes to UEFA Champions League ESPN has the best HD broadcast.
But are your eyes prepared?



Client: ESPN | Agency: Africa | Year: 2015 | Role: Art Direction

• 80% of vision disorders can be prevented or cured in diagnosed in advance.
• 57% believe they don't have eye problems.

• Only 27,8% visit their ophthalmologist once in a year as recommended.

To persuade men to take the exams we created a special test for UEFA Champions League fanatics.

An ESPN Eye Test bus, equipped with an ophthalmologist and his equipment, drove around offering vision tests for sports fans. Instead of squinting to read boring rows of letters and numbers, guys had to correctly identify football clubs crests and famous players.

Men who visited the clinic and were diagnosed with glaucoma and cataract problems, were forwarded on for complete treatment.


Special Tests

Fom left to right: Colorblindness test, Myopia test, Contrast test and Myopia test.



We also designed a website where men could take the same tests (myopia, colorblindness and contrast) online in a  interactive experience.

After entering the age and turning on the webcam and microphone, a  voice recognition system identifies the answers and interact with the user.

In the end of the process gives them the final score and recommendations, telling them if they were able to watch the UEFA Champions League in HD on ESPN, or if they need to visit their doctor.

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Based on the same principle of the website, we designed an interactive outdoor in a bus shelter. So men could use their spare time waiting for the bus to take an eye test.

A bus stop with a webcam and a voice recognition system invites men to take the tests. They have just to stay behind the red line and talk to the interactive outdoor.

Those who failed the test were invited to visit their ophthalmologist. And all men were aware of the importance of having their eyes tested.


Client: ESPN

Advertising Agency: Africa, Brazil

CCO: Sergio Gordilho

ECD: Eco Moliterno, Rafael Pitanguy

ACD: Bernardo Romero, Roberto Kilciauskas

Art Director: Caio Gandolfi, Caio Batista

Copywriter: Alexandre Esposito, Diego Ferrite

Production Company: Academia de Filmes

Director: Marco Aslan

Sound DesignJamute