Caio Gandolfi || creative & art director


Have a delayed flight? Have a break.

Client: KitKat | Agency:  J.Walter Thompson | Year: 2018 | Role: Art Direction

‘Have a break, have a KitKat’. One of most iconic slogans in advertising was born in 1958. The question is whether you can transport an idea that was born in the days of Don Draper to this era of experiences. So we gave it a good shot in this creative vending machine at Sao Paulo airport. It handed out free KitKats to people who indeed needed a break. The machine scanned boarding passes and recognized if flights were delayed.

If so it delivered free KitKat and everyone wins. The delayed traveler gets a free candy. The onlookers who do not have delays probably still wouldn't trade with those who do, but they still get a nice brand message as they witness smiles on the faces of the delayed. And the brand is positioned as a candy who is really watching out for its customers. Even when you least expect it.