Caio Gandolfi || creative & art director


NGO that propose solutions to social and environmental issues

Client: Instituto Socioambiental | Agency: J.Walter Thompson | Year: 2017 | Role: Art Direction


The Social & Environmental Institute (ISA) is a Brazilian NGO that since 1994 has been proposing solutions to social and environmental issues, with focus on the protection of natural resources and the rights of indigenous populations.

This campaign talks about the prejudice that the indigenous people suffers in Brazil.

Some of the “white people” proclaim they are not indigenous anymore just because they use technology, clothes and medicines. And that implies in taking their lands, their dignity and sometimes even their lives.

If you are not the same as your grand grandparents, why native Indians can’t also change?

_the exchange_

This film was produced for the launch of ISA’s newest campaign, a petition to help stop a proposed amendment to the Brazilian Constitution that transfers the responsibility of legal demarcation
of indigenous lands from the Executive to the Legislative branch of the government.

Created with a visually striking, stylized look, the animation titled “The Exchange” presents this proposition as the latest in a long series of transactions between European settlers and Brazil’s indigenous peoples where the latter got the short end of the stick, losing their culture, resources and even their lives.


Client: ISA - Instituto Socioambiental

Advertising Agency: J.Walter Thompson

CCO: Ricardo John, Rodrigo Grau

ECD: Humberto Fernandez

Creative Director: Mariana Borga

Art Director: Caio Gandolfi

Copywriter: Diego Ferrite

Production Company (Prejudice Film): Prodigo Films

Director (Prejudice Film): André Godoi, Daniel Klajmic

Production Company (The Exchange): LOBO

Director (The Exchange): Matheus de Paula Santos

Sound Design: Satélite Audio