Caio Gandolfi || creative & art director


Client: Tramontina | Agency: J.Walter Thompson | Year: 2016 | Role: Art Direction

“Churrasco” is the name given to the Brazilian barbecue. All Brazilians consider churrasco as a national passion, but not everyone knows the proper way to cook it. That’s why there’s
The Master of Churrasco.

An old and wise “churrasqueiro” that magically appears to judge the level of the churrascos and to teach apprentices that there is only one way to reach perfection: Respect the churrasco.



We also created a serie of short videos called Teachings of The Master of Churrasco.
In each video, an apprentice is making a terrible mistake during a Churrasco, but the Master suddenly appears to save the day.

This way we could talk about the 3 main attention points in the Brazilian barbecue process: Meat, Salt & Fire.


Client: Tramontina

Advertising Agency: J.Walter Thompson

CCO: Ricardo John, Rodrigo Grau

ECD: Humberto Fernandez

Creative Director: Mariana Borga, Diego Wortmann

Art Director: Caio Gandolfi

Copywriter: Diego Ferrite

Production Company: PBA Cinema

Director: Santi Dulce

Sound Design: Cabaret Studio