Caio Gandolfi || creative & art director



We planted barley in the same soil that grow our greatest players to create
a special edition of Brahma beer.



Client: AB InBev Brahma | Agency: Africa | Year: 2014 | Role: Art Direction

After 60 years, Brazil hosts the FIFA World Cup once more. The entire country wears green and yellow. And because every brand decides to do the same, Brahma, the official beer sponsor of Brazil national team, decided to show that its passion was much more than talk. It was in its essence.

We created the first beer with barley planted, grown and harvested at the Training Center of Brazil’s national soccer team: Granja Comary. A limited edition comes to life from this sacred soil, with the history of our team as its main ingredient. For five months, the barley’s plantation served as the brand showcase. 

Our official website has become the hub of project, so fans could follow the story closer: day by day, grain by grain. 

Besides this, we also promoted people’s interaction with the barley plantation. And a lot of content provided by beer and football specialists.

A project that began in July 2013 and was launch in February 2014. It involved since the agronomist, InBev master brewer, to the coach of the Brazilian Soccer Team, Luis Felipe Scolari - Ambassador of the project

_case study and launch campaign film below_


_desktop & mobile website_

To involve people in our project, historic goals selected at social networks became music that would help the barley grow. In the website diary, we brought some special contents in images, videos and interviews with our specialists in beer and soccer.

More than 2.6 million visitors and 150.000 shares related to the project. When the product hit the shelves, the campaign took over the national and global media.

The project was launched whit a video telling te entire project. The video had more than 3 million views in less than 1 month. Each new step of the project opened up more content at te campaign website:
• The story behind Granja Comary                     
• A planting timeline in real time
• The team involved                                          
• And the type of barley grown




We decided that the typography of this project should be special like the product. Since the beer was made with a special barley, this alphabet should also be inspired in barley. We analyzed and transformed
the anatomy of barley into geometric shapes. From this, we created the first letters and then called the design studio Firmorama to develop the complete alphabet.


_bottle opener_

To increase the launch of Brahma Seleção Especial, we sent a gift to opinion leaders, influencers and celebrities. We designed a special bottle opener with the similar shape as the Brazil National soccer team logo, an signed by Luiz Felipe Scolari.